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Cassie Neiden

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Polaroid photos make a comeback

Cleveland (AFP) - At a photography studio in Cleveland, instructor Nicole Follen is trying to convince her students to step back in time and technology -- to the age of the humble Polaroid. She wants the students to create something they can touch and feel -- perhaps even something that – gasp -- isn't perfect.
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The Best Season to Get Married Based on Your Personality

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Hidden Cleveland: Three Speakeasies

Don't tell anyone, but here's you ticket into three secret spots. Entrance into Magnolia Donuts & Coffee’s nightclub requires a password inspired by the pastry-slinging bakery that serves as its deceptive front. Take the stairs of Cafe Bon Apetit’s dining room down to a tucked-away new dive boasting a selection of 250-plus whiskies and bourbons.
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6 Wedding Trends You Can Expect to See In 2017

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Elevated profits

As in any business, the ability to specialize paves the way for greater potential sales. Just like doctors can focus their practices in areas like optometry or pediatrics to provide advanced care, plant producers can concentrate in a specific crop (or types of crops) to set themselves apart as experts in the field.
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Beautiful and American grown

Christina Stembel operates her e-commerce floral company Farmgirl Flowers with less than 1 percent of waste — an idea that may seem nearly impossible after considering all of the product pushed through a greenhouse during the spring season. Yet, she makes her national floral bouquet arrangement and delivery service work effectively by purchasing all of her plant product in season, and only from American growers.
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The courage to break convention

A few years ago, Caleb Harper was curious to know what would happen if data scientists and engineers channeled their talents into elevating controlled environment agriculture (CEA) crop quality — and what he found was that it would look entirely different than what farmers were accustomed to. These recipes will be tested in three different scales: a personal “food computer,” labs the size of a shipping container called “food servers,” and a “food data center,” which will be a climate-controlled warehouse in Boston.
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Piece Keeper

Find trendy, comfortable clothes that stand the test of time at Makers by J. For Jennifer Marks, no clothing item makes the cut without a vetting process. Before choosing a designer to spotlight in her Tremont boutique, Makers by J. Marks, she takes a sample piece home and treats it like any customer would.
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The Great Indoors

Two Millennials harness ideas from green industry research to bring their indoor gardening concept-store to life. In 2014, AmericanHort set out to discover how the horticulture industry could reach the new customer. called SHIFT — called out to outside resources to help put the findings together, such as Emily Brown, a student at Columbus College of Art & Design.
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A fresh opportunity

On Jan. 6, 2015, NatureFresh Farms, a 150-acre vegetable greenhouse operation in Leamington, Ontario, announced that it would be making its way to Ohio to develop an additional 180 acres — a move that generated buzz from all ends of the industry. Exactly one year later, the NatureFresh team gave Produce Grower a glimpse into the first 15-acre greenhouse of what will eventually become a 180-acre project, dedicated to growing finished tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for the eastern region of North America.
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Plant Power Couples

Never go to bed angry. Always listen to the other person. Give reminders often about why you value each other. Be honest with one another. These are good virtues for all marriages, but throw a greenhouse business into the mix, and you’ve got a whole separate list of lessons to learn: How do you separate work and home life?
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Artistic Endeavors

Ohio City's Blackbird Fly Boutique shows off its creative side with an eclectic mix of clothing and accessories. Angelina rodriguez-Pata knew she was artistic. The mother of four had started making jewelry in her basement, but with no formal fashion or business background, she wasn't sure how to focus her talents.
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Cassie Neiden

Cassie is an associate editor at GIE Media, Inc., where she regularly pens long-form features and hob-nobs with greenhouse, floral industry and controlled environment agriculture experts.

She's also an experienced freelance writer, covering a variety of topics—adept at hitting tight deadlines and quickly learning a publication's voice and style.

Her work has been published in Cleveland Magazine,, Garden Center magazine, Greenhouse Management, Produce Grower, Inside Business, Pulse, Live Well and more.

When she's not working, she's scouring Cleveland for the best food, fitness and fashion the city has to offer, or lounging on the couch reading magazines with her Yorkie-poo, Emily.



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